Here Comes A Stranger - Short Film

Extending the idea of travel, transience and estrangement from the pages of A Stranger’s Pose, we play with the idea among others of how experience of a different environment determines one’s stance and consequently, their way of being.

Here Comes A Stranger is a short film and visual poem on distance and desire, place and the placeless, and the world formed during the course of a journey. Shot in New York and New Jersey, it evokes the dreamscape of lovers, travelers, and all the strangers who are in a place, yet away from it.

Adapted to screen by the Villah Collective. [Actors: Jean-Pierre Cherestal, Shaila Tyler. Producers: Seun Aladese, Gugu Gaea, Emmanuel Iduma, Noel Michaels, Marcus Williams]

Emmanuel Iduma is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. He is the author of The Sound of Things to Come and editor of Saraba Magazine.

web: mriduma

About the Book:

A unique blend of travelogue, musings and poetry. A Stranger’s Pose draws the reader into a world of encounters haunted by the absence of home, estrangement from a lover and family tragedies. The author’s recollections and reflections of fragments of his journeys across African cities, from Dakar to Douala, Bamako to Benin, and Khartoum to Casablanca, offer a compelling and very personal meditation on the meaning of home and the generosity of strangers to a lone traveler.

‘Dream of a perfect book, a ballad with all the lyrics remembered. The sleeper wakes from dreams. That book is in your hands’ ~ Teju Cole

‘A lush and elegant style that resists categorization…Iduma arrests with the smallest of gestures, near haiku; like a small ray of hope, a tingle of adventure, an urgent desire, tracing through time and imagination’ - Chris Abani