Shades and Hues - Alchemy with Elijah Minton

“A huge part of me getting into the art game came from working with other artists. It’s important to learn from others but also to focus on what it is you want to create. It allows you get deeper into your art, deeper into the meaning of your work.” ~ Elijah Minton

Deeper means more time. Time spent understanding and refining. Time spent by yourself. As an artist you’re alone much more than people realize, much more than even you might realize initially. Hours on end spent developing one idea, one paragraph, one color palette. Strangely; you don’t just get used to the long hours; you welcome them.

With this in mind, it's important to build a system for your art. All that time spent should amount to something right? It's tedious, it's time consuming but very necessary. ‘Do it once so you don't have to keep doing it.’