Art Life

Alchemy with Tiffany B Chanel

“I have no problem waking up 4am to start painting. I like that the world’s asleep while I work. Being self taught, there’s certain things I see right away and other things I might not see at the moment. So I take a day or two away from it and come back, then I see something new. Sometimes you’re too close to see what’s in front of you. Take a step back and it gets clearer.” ~ Tiffany

Creative growth, like anything else comes from investing time in doing the same things over and over while keeping a keen eye on your improvements even as you work.

This kind of attention greatly helps refine process. It’s the kind that keeps you oblivious to distractions and concentrated on an achievable goal for as long as it takes. The great things is, when invested in your chosen craft, time ceases to matter and a new level of creative access opens up to you.

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