‘There’s something about the freshness of the morning, I literally will get a pen and just write. I’m not thinking about it,…the point is just to get the words out. ~ Mary Akpa, Songwriter and Vocalist.


Songwriter and vocalist Mary Akpa gives us a glimpse into the making of Unseen. She describes ‘accessing streams of consciousness’ almost as soon as she wakes up. It’s the calm; almost uninhibited practice that gives life to the lyrics in her new EP.

What isn’t always apparent when creating music is just how much effort goes into defining a particular sound; the aural signature that becomes synonymous with the album or even the artist. 

Mary brings together a group, each with their distinct sound imprints, artistic influences and cultural backgrounds. Before long, a bond is formed that carries them selflessly through the process, and committed to the finished piece. In this intimate space of creation, there’s a kind of vulnerability at play; a willingness to open up from an individual instrument and become part of the larger sound ensemble. 

Our peering cameras don’t make it any easier. Almost alien in their presence, the lenses seem to scrutinize every key, every note. But the artist remains open, the music kicks in, all inhibition fades away and everyone, as Mary says; ‘becomes the vessel through which the music flows’.

Listen to the EP .  www.maryakpa.com


Cinematography. Editing - Seun Aladese

Photography - Gugu Gaea

Villah TV 2017.