The Lives of Men

The Lives of Men


“I have a ton of pictures of me growing up in a double breasted suit and a hat,…and my style has sort of evolved over time but I always come back to that essence”

What has always been essential, and can yet be easily glossed over, is the importance of self presentation to personal growth and the direct effect our appearance has on the results we can achieve.

Jason shares his experiences as a father, a partner and a son as well as his appreciation for style; describing the experiences and early influences that help shape his overall outlook.

Between the guidance we’re fortunate to receive growing up and the commitment we owe to others thereafter; lie simple acts of responsibility. Understanding this responsibility in the broader sense, The Lives of Men chronicles unique stories from the perspectives of men of color and exists for the purpose of helping young men better navigate their respective paths to manhood. 

Like any act in service to others, a kind of openness is required. A capacity to connect more deeply with others and, as with The Lives of Men, a willingness to ‘put our walls down’ and together work towards a future with more fathers present in homes and more brothers working in concert.

It asks that we choose responsibility; that we build bridges over walls.

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